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Service Pledge

We commit ourselves to serve with LOVE

Thus we pledge:

  1. To uphold and respect, the worth and dignity of every Person as God’s Creation.
  2. To promote Social Justice, Humanitarian Goals and Equality.
  3. To promote the natural and social rights, capacities and responsibilities of every human being in order for him to realize his full potentials.
  4. To uphold the joint responsibility of the government and the people in promoting social well-being of every individual.
  5. To promote a free society for men to live freely where poverty is neither a fate nor a punishment but a condition that can and must be changed.
  6. To help in the development of the highly fulfilled human beings in an atmosphere of social equity and economic prosperity.
  7. To promote a higher quality of life for all people.
  8. To endeavor to contribute with utmost sincerity to nation building.
  9. To give paramount importance to the well being of those who we help.
  10. To accept with respect and understanding clients, colleagues and all those who come within the sphere of professional activity.
  11. To engage in social action according to the conviction that furthers the best interest of the people and the country.
  12. To create and/or avail opportunities for continuing professional growth.
  13. To conduct ourselves at all times in accordance with the standards of the social work profession.

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